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The late John McElroy, an artist who became Chair of the Meadows School of the Arts at SMU once told me that many of his best graduate art students had undergraduate engineering degrees. He encouraged those with a less formal art background and then watched them as their work often exceeded the success of those with the traditional art trajectory. It was immensely satisfying to see at the Erin Cluley Gallery the work of Will Murchison, who has more recently dedicated himself to art. His work held up well in the summer show at the Erin Cluley Gallery, and made a definite impact on those who came to see the art exhibited at the coordinated openings of many galleries in the Design District and across Dallas. Will Murchison exhibit pieces exuded passion, point of view, and a deft use of color. Dallas is fortunate to have the number of excellent galleries, accomplished and recognized artists, and emerging artists that make Dallas a vibrant city of artists and collectors. *Will Murchison Makes Impact
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