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Whitney Biennial 2019

My fascination with the Whitney Biennial began when the Whitney Museum selected @JamesSurls for the Biennial. This was long before my first trip to New York. The 2019 Whitney Biennial was the edgiest, most elegant, and calm Biennial that I have seen in many years. Over the next few days I will be posting my impressions of some of the work, that the Whitney has selected to give a snapshot of current American art. I have found that the work in this Biennial is conspicuously current but much of it revisits mediums and approaches from the past—found objects, textiles, weavings, pottery, photographs, and pen and ink architectural façade drawings. The exhibition also includes two of the most current political toxic topics—gender self-identification and a suggestion of life/choice conversation, which the artist contributes to in a fascinating, subtle, elegant, and provocative way. This post will also include art from some of the other artists in the exhibition including Calvin Marcus, Joe Minter, Milano Chow, Augustina Woodgate, John Edmonds, Jennifer Packer, Janiva Ellis. *Whitney Biennial 2019
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