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Van Gogh → McDermott+Berger → DMA+Dior

Dress for Painting II. This pairing at the Dior exhibition at the DMA reminded me of Mrs. McDermott’s love of gardens and architecture. Margaret McDermott gave this Vincent Van Gogh painting Riverbank in Springtime to the Dallas Museum of Art in memory of the fabulous landscape architect Arthur Berger. I have always associated Arthur Berger with his exquisite landscape design and siting of a small, exquisite, modern home O’Neil Ford designed on the Turtle Creek Bluff at 3900 Stonebridge in Turtle Creek Park. It was fun for me to hear her reminisce about O’Neil Ford, Arch Swank, and Arthur Berger who were some of her earliest and favorite friends. She became a patron of them and their work and remained friends through their lifetimes. It is nice to be reminded of their friendships with the gift of the Van Gogh painting that she made in memory of Arthur Berger. It is perfectly paired with a Dior dress at the Dallas Museum of Art exhibition Dior: From Paris to the World. If you slide to the next image, you will see an earlier post of Beverly Freeman in a green coat that matches perfectly with a Jonas Wood painting shown in his exhibition that opened earlier in the year at the DMA across from the Dior exhibition. Both pairings of Dress for Painting, one curated, the other spontaneous, show the impact and correlation of landscape on painting and fashion. *Van Gogh → McDermott+Berger → DMA+Dior
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