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Swiss Avenue is known for being the grandest street in Dallas and in the middle of rejuvenating neighborhoods, only 22 blocks from downtown Dallas. While the perfect proportions of these architecturally significant homes and deep uniform setbacks from the wide landscaped boulevard convey a majestic grace, many do not realize how the large lots and mature trees create a serene setting for these architect-designed homes. Many think of Swiss Avenue on the urban edge, I think of Swiss Avenue homes as having layers of trees, and gardens and paths, like this home that becomes one of the quietest, protected settings in Dallas. Swiss Avenue homes are also more embraced by nature because the historic ordinance design guidelines prevent the building of neighboring homes that could dominate the site or impair the views of nature. Swiss Avenue homeowners in the 1980s recognized early the historic value of the Swiss Avenue homes and how the neighborhood could be revitalized. The prices on Swiss Avenue have been tethered by this generation of owners who always have emphasized the historicity of the homes and almost a self-conscious proclamation that this is really a good neighborhood. As these long-time homeowners are moving, the next generation of Swiss Avenue homebuyers recognize the modernity of Swiss Avenue homes, the timeless grace of the architecture, and the abundantly green setting in the most vibrant neighborhood of Dallas. The last generation brought the street back. The next generation of homeowners will be the ones that realize the economic appreciation and full value of these Swiss Avenue homes and neighborhood. *Urban Edge
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