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Township Edge

A serene edge between the home of the late Margaret McDermott and the middle of, the epicenter of Highland Park—Highland Park Town Hall, Fire Department, library, and park. Here a few of Mrs. McDermott’s grandnephews and nieces and their children found a quiet corner of her garden in the bustling celebration across the rest of the landscape following the packed memorial service at the Meyerson Symphony Hall a year ago. Arthur Berger created the landscape design for Mrs. McDermott’s Scott Lyons-designed home. This landscape design allowed her to be in a peaceful environment as she welcomed and incesssantly entertained guests from Dallas and around the world. Margaret McDermott loved gardens and flowers—flowers she grew or arranged, wildflowers along the highway or at her farm, or flowers planted at the Dallas Arboretum. Margaret McDermott helped inspire, cultivate and massage gardens much like she cultivated and groomed Dallas, always encouraging, nurturing, and giving credit and acknowledgement to others. *Township Edge
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