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Texas “Do-ers” Award

Dewar's Profile, 1989

William Douglas Newby

  • HOME: Dallas, Texas
  • AGE: 36
  • PROFESSION: Restoration Real Estate Broker
  • HOBBIES: When the “urban cowboy” craze ended, my country band, Willie D and the Didlers, had to start playing for free.
  • LAST BOOK READ: Chicago Architecture – Eighteen Seventy Two to Nineteen Twenty Two:Birth of a Metropolis edited by John Zakofsky and America Observed by Alistair Cooke
  • LATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Wrote and produced The book Older Neighborhoods of Dallas
  • WHY I DO WHAT I DO: With a degree in social science and a graduate degree in public administration, I determined that I could better exploit my academic background and impact city planning and policy from the base of my own business.
  • PROFILE: Persistent and creative in fields not known for these qualities.

Dewar’s is proud to honor Texas “Do-ers” – Individuals who have provided Inspiration and leadership to the community through outstanding performance in business, civic, cultural or philanthropic activities.

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