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SMU Heroes Honor Ben

SMU has been the launching pad for many in Dallas including these SMU heroes who gathered to honor Ben Malcolmson at an impressive well attended book signing of his dynamic, thrilling book Walk On, with a foreward by Coach Pete Carroll. Chuck Hixson was an SMU quarterback that put SMU on the map for many potential SMU students across the country. His passing records stood for almost 50 years. He continues to contribute to Dallas in a monumental way as a principal of Westdale Management that is transforming Deep Ellum. Chuck Dannis also played football at SMU and is synonymous with real estate appraisals. He just received the lifetime achievement award from the Commercial Association of Real Estate Professionals. Ken Malcolmson, a business leader, has chaired, participated, or has been president of the most important Dallas civic organization, and is past president of the SMU Alumni Association. He is also the father of Ben Malcolmson. It is fun to see a group I have admired since I was at school now convene to honor a young man I have also very much admired for many years. *SMU Heroes Honor Ben
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