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This small home on four acres overlooking White Rock Lake is a triumph and testimony for quality architectural renovation design. Architects Ted Larson and Paul Pedigo of Larson & Pedigo reduced the 1939 home to its original 3,600 square feet ten years ago and designed the renovation that has continued to attract families to raise their children in the home. In this era where even 12,000 square foot homes are being torn down after 20 years, this 80-year-old 3,600 square foot home reflecting the architecture of its period survives. One can never underestimate the importance of a vision for a home and quality design and renovation. Sited on land with far more value than most lots where 10,000 square foot homes are being torn down, this home remains. This spring the third family with children purchased the home and will keep the original 3,600 square foot architectural footprint intact. These buyers were attracted to the refined and sophisticated materials, finishes, and craftsmanship that enhance the elegance and relaxed lakehouse feel of the home. The renovation design immerses the home on the site and provides full views of the lake, the spectacular terraced land, trees, and gardens. The owners that originally renovated the home had a vision that a 1930s home typical of the era could be enhanced by accentuating its merit rather than conspicuously modifying its architecture. The second family continued to groom the four acres of land to make it even more enjoyable and enticing for their family. Now, the third family with children, since the renovation, is able to fully enjoy the architectural and landscape contributions of their predecessors. A home on
White Rock Lake is more than just a home. It is about the benefits and tranquility of the lake. When someone says a house should be torn down because the land is so valuable, this is a good example of a small home where three successive families with ample resources celebrated the land with a small house design renovation. *Small House Triumphs
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