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Almost the whole world knows Ross Perot. Those in Dallas know him a little better, even those like me that have just had peripheral interactions with him or have been the beneficiary of his many generosities. For years before I met him the first time in front of the Hall of State where he was being honored, I read and heard much about him. I subsequently read Ken Follett’s book On Wings of Eagles about Ross Perot’s extraordinary civilian rescue mission of two employees (whom I later met) from a Middle-Eastern jail. I became good friends with early Ross Perot hires, have had top executives of his as real estate clients, met his family, been a guest at Ross Perot’s Strait Lane home, applauded his many civic and philanthropic contributions. While there are thousands upon thousands who have had a close and important relationship with Ross Perot, I knew him just from fleeting exchanges. Still were many things about Ross Perot that were immediately apparent. Ross Perot was intense, competitive, and aware. Almost as quickly one could sense his love of family, friends, and country. But what I will always remember most about Ross Perot is his politeness, sense of humor, and tender friendship with Margaret McDermott. For years he would always stop by on weekends to see Margaret McDermott at her country home on his way back from his lake house. He might chat with her when she was in the water swimming with guests, or sit down at a table where lunch had been served, or just pop his head in the door and say hello. Their friendship is well documented, but it was fun for me to see these two people with an international influence and who had so profoundly shaped Dallas have such a relaxed way with each other in a simple environment. This image is on a screen porch of a small country house architect Scott Lyons designed for Margaret and Eugene McDermott. Thank you, Ross Perot. My prayers go to your family and friends. *Ross Perot
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