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Preservation versus New Urbanism

Single-family zoning preserves affordable housing—New Urbanism multifamily zoning destroys affordable housing. Single-family zoning preserves two-story Prairie style homes, one-story Craftsman bungalows and small cottages, duplexes, fourplexes, and small 1960s apartment buildings. Multifamily zoning unleashes the bulldozers as property owners disinvest in their homes and buildings of affordable apartments as they wait for a developer to purchase the property for new development and massive density. The first image shows one of the next blocks on the way to being torn down and the last image is a view from right around the corner to downtown Dallas. Here you can see small houses and small apartments on the way to bulldozer land. Just last week Chris Leinberger at a D CEO Magazine New Urbanism lecture said single-family zoning is good for homeowners because it makes the property appreciate, but it is bad for society. He said that Dallas needs to change single family zoning to multi family zoning. He proposes that an acre of land with normal sized lots (six houses) should be torn down and replaced with 60 apartments. Preservation promotes a diversity of architectural styles and sizes. New Urbanism requires architectural homogeneity and economic diversity through different levels of rent subsidies. Good intentions and sounds good—looks and lives bad! *Preservation versus New Urbanism
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