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Neiman Marcus Inside Out

Neiman Marcus has been famous for their downtown windows originally showing off fashion of designers Stanley Marcus discovered in Europe and brought to the United States. They joined Marshall Field on Michican Avenue in Chicago and Saks Fifth Avenue to entice one to trek to the city just to look at the fashion framed by the windows of these iconic retailers. These windows were like an amuse-bouche that whet your appetite, maybe even giving one courage to go inside the store to see more. A purchase was accelerated by the foundation of aspirational desire that came from admiring the goods in the deep store windows. Now Hudson Yards turns the visual concept of retail inside out. At the Hudson Yards Neiman Marcus, the best view through a window is not on the street looking into the store front window, but from the inside of Neiman Marcus looking outside at the Vessel, a walkable sculpture by architect Thomas Heatherwick. This sculpture might have cost more than all the inventory inside Neiman Marcus. It seems to me Hudson Yards is a parenthetical experiment between the adrenalin-charged destination of a downtown Neiman Marcus and increased online shopping. Will an experiential-oriented mall ever replace a stroll down a New York street of store windows or shopping online? As retail, technology, and transporation rapidly evolve, it will be interesting to see if the trend is moving towards Hudson Yards style malls or towards a more vibrant street scene of the future. *Neiman Marcus Inside Out
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