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Northern Hills Neighborhood

Northern Hills Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Katy Trail / Turtle Creek Area Neighborhood

Dr. John Cole originally owned 5,000 acres between what is now Central Expressway and the Trinity River. He gradually sold off the land for development but kept Northern Hills, a section in the very center of his original holdings. In 1920 Cole sold this land to the McNeny brothers, who bought it for a small development of prestigious homes. They required brick or hollow tile homes built in one of the fashionable eclectic styles of the period: Spanish Colonial, Tudor, Georgian and Mediterranean. Overbrook runs though a steep ravine on the southern edge of the neighborhood emphasizing the curve of the streets, the lush undergrowth and the towering trees. With no through streets there is an idyllic sense of neighborhood only walking distance from the stylish hustle and bustle of Knox-Henderson.

This is a neighborhood of fine restoration, sensible infill and a strong neighborhood association.  And it is a neighborhood that has become a conservation district that ensures that its scale and charm will be preserved in the future.

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Some of the Homes found in Northern Hills Neighborhood

3712 Armstrong Avenue

Northern Hills Home

Totally Renovated Classic Northern Hills Home in Dallas

3616 Armstrong Avenue

Residence in Turtle Creek Corridor - 3616 Armstrong Avenue

Turtle Creek Corridor Residence Built In 1927

3615 Cragmont Avenue

Home in Turtle Creek Corridor - 3615 Cragmont Avenue

Turtle Creek Corridor Home Built In 1956

3704 Cragmont Avenue

Modern Home Designed by Architect Michael Malone - 3704 Cragmont Avenue

Architect Michael Malone Designed Modern Home Built In 1932

3629 Cragmont Avenue

Tudor Residence Designed by Architect Wes Harder - 3629 Cragmont Avenue

Architect Wes Harder Designed Tudor Residence Built In 1936

3604 Overbrook Drive

House Designed by Architect Guy Cahoon - 3604 Overbrook Drive

Architect Guy Cahoon Designed House Built In 1930

3505 Springbrook Street

House Designed by Architect Ted Larson - 3505 Springbrook Street

Architect Ted Larson Designed House Built In 2001

4405 Glenwood Avenue

Real Estate Designed by Architect Braxton Werner & Paul Field - 4405 Glenwood Avenue

Architect Braxton Werner & Paul Field Designed Real Estate

3617 Cragmont Avenue

Northern Hills Historic Home

Northern Hills Historic Home in Dallas

Wish I was there so I could have shown you the transformation of the place. It looks great! I have you to thank for making that happen.

-Ken Malclomson
Northern Heights Homeowner
Bud Oglesby-Designed Modern Homeowner

Northern Hills Map

Northern Hills inside Katy Trail / Turtle Creek Area. Click on the map and discover each home as you explore this neighborhood.

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