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Northern Heights Neighborhood

Northern Heights Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Katy Trail / Turtle Creek Area Neighborhood

The contemporary Dallas movement of modern duplexes and townhouses began in Northern Heights. Lionel Morrison, AIA, designed the first modern duplex on Springbrook in 1989. Frank Welch, AIA, the Oglesby Group, Boerder-Snyder, Ron Womack, AIA, Dan Shipley, AIA, Frank Ryburn, AIA, also designed contemporary residences here. That many award-winning architects live on these quiet streets speaks volumes about the neighborhood's appeal. Everyone enjoys Northern Heights, situated on the banks of the Katy Trail.

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Some of the Homes found in Northern Heights Neighborhood

4430 Abbott Avenue

Home Designed by Architect Lionel Morrison - 4430 Abbott Avenue

Architect Lionel Morrison Designed Home

3515 Springbrook Street

Modern Home in Northern Heights - 3515 Springbrook Street, Dallas, Texas

Modern Home in Northern Heights

3511 Springbrook Street

Significant Modern Residence Designed by Architect Lionel Morrison - 3511 Springbrook Street

Architect Lionel Morrison Designed Significant Modern Residence Built In 1990

3502 Edgewater Street

Contemporary House Designed by Architect Gail Adams - 3502 Edgewater Street

Architect Gail Adams Designed Contemporary House Built In 1995

3508 Springbrook Street

Modern Home Designed by Architect Boerder-Snyder - 3508 Springbrook Street

Architect Boerder-Snyder Designed Modern Home Built In 1992

4222 Abbott Avenue

Significant Modern Residence Designed by Architect Lionel Morrison - 4222 Abbott Avenue

Architect Lionel Morrison Designed Significant Modern Residence Built In 1997

3501-03 Springbrook Street

Significant Contemporary Home Designed by Architect Lionel Morrison - 3501-03 Springbrook Street

Architect Lionel Morrison Designed Significant Contemporary Home Built In 1987

3511 Overbrook Drive

Significant Modern Eclectic Home in Turtle Creek Corridor - 3511 Overbrook Drive

Turtle Creek Corridor Significant Modern Eclectic Home Built In 1980

3508 Edgewater Street

House in Turtle Creek Corridor - 3508 Edgewater Street

Turtle Creek Corridor House

3509 Springbrook Street

Modern Home by Architect Lionel Morrison

Modern Home by Architect Lionel Morrison

Dear Doug,

As the year comes to a close, it has given me the opportunity to reflect on the many things for which I am thankful.  In doing so, I realized I was remiss in formally thanking you for a multitude of generous and gracious gestures.  Where do I begin?  Your counsel, professionalism, and patience were invaluable during our short but tiring home quest.  Obviously, your efforts paid off in our happiness and we can’t thank you enough….It will be impossible for us to ever reciprocate but we wanted you to know how much we appreciate everything you have done for us as well as being a great friend.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year.

Your friend,

Northern Heights Map

Northern Heights inside Katy Trail / Turtle Creek Area. Click on the map and discover each home as you explore this neighborhood.

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