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Northaven Neighborhood

Northaven Homes for Sale in the Walnut Hill to Forest Lane Neighborhood

Northaven is best known for its one to three acre lots and the lakes that Mid Century Modern and 1950s ranch homes overlook. New large homes are being built along with contemporary homes designed by architects such as Gary Cunningham and Sharon Odom.

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Some of the Homes found in Northaven Neighborhood

Joseph Gordon Home North of Preston Hollow

Home Designed by Architect Joseph Gordon - Joseph Gordon Home North of Preston Hollow

Architect Joseph Gordon Designed Home

6730 Northaven Road

Modern Estate Home in Preston Hollow - 6730 Northaven Road

Preston Hollow Modern Estate Home Built In 1985

Thanks again for making 6506 happen Douglas, couldn't have done so without your leadership.

Mark Rohr
Preston Hollow Homeowner

Northaven Map

Northaven inside Walnut Hill to Forest Lane. Click on the map and discover each home as you explore this neighborhood.

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