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Munger Place and Swiss Avenue Historic Districts

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Architecturally and Historically Significant Homes in Munger Place and Swiss Avenue

Munger Place was the first planned development in Dallas designed for the prestigious families of Dallas.

Munger Place, which now comprises the Munger Place Historic District and Swiss Avenue Historic District, was created in 1905 as the finest residence park in the southland. Deed restrictions, uniform setbacks, and the best architects created a neighborhood that is increasingly attractive over 100 years later.

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Neighborhoods of Munger Place Addition

Munger Place is the finest resident park in the entire southland.

-Munger Brothers, 1905

Map of Munger Place Addition

Munger Place Addition Map of Munger Place Addition Neighborhoods

Munger Place Addition is one of the featured neighborhoods found in the Dallas area. Munger Place Addition is made up of two smaller neighborhoods inside Old East Dallas. Click on the map and discover each specific neighborhood as you explore this area.

Dear Doug,

It is my belief the re-zoning of Old East Dallas, conducted under your direction when you were chair of the Physical Development Committee of the East Dallas Design Committee (EDDC) was one of the most significant things in the preservation of our part of town.

It is hard for me to imagine anyone but you having had the time, energy and drive that monumental effort required.

Virginia McAlester
Founder of Preservation Dallas

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