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Deep Ellum Neighborhood

Deep Ellum Real Estate and Homes for Sale in East Dallas Neighborhood

If you go to Deep Ellum today, you will find much of the same energy and spirit that made it notorious in the 1920s. Streets that rang with honky-tonk pianos and heard Leadbelly and Blind Lemon Jefferson on 12-string guitar now feature entertainment like video bars, comedy clubs, and show cases for the city's leading artists. Many of Dallas' finest galleries are located in the district. Police now have their headquarters where they were once reluctant to patrol. Deep Ellum, with a stimulating diversity of commercial activity, mixes the vitality of the Central Business District with the tranquility of the surrounding residential neighborhoods.

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Some of the Homes found in Deep Ellum Neighborhood

2814 Canton Street

Modern House Designed by Architect Cliff Welch - 2814 Canton Street

Architect Cliff Welch Designed Modern House Built In 1948

Commerce Street Townhomes

Modern House Designed by Architect Ron Wommack - Commerce Street Townhomes

Architect Ron Wommack Designed Modern House

Wilson Block

Significant Queen Ann House in East Dallas - Wilson Block

East Dallas Significant Queen Ann House

Fair Park

Residence Designed by Architect George Dahl - Fair Park

Architect George Dahl Designed Residence

Adam Hats Lofts

Significant Building in East Dallas - Adam Hats Lofts

East Dallas Significant Building

Mitchell Lofts

Residence Designed by Architect Ron Wommack - Mitchell Lofts

Architect Ron Wommack Designed Residence

2707 South Boulevard

Significant Residence in East Dallas - 2707 South Boulevard

East Dallas Significant Residence Built In 1905

Deep Ellum Map

Deep Ellum inside East Dallas. Click on the map and discover each home as you explore this neighborhood.

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