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McKinney Avenue from the edge of Highland Park to Downtown has long been associated with Dallas' best restaurants which sets the tone for this area. Townhouses, duplexes, historic apartments, single-family homes, lofts, mid-rise residential buildings and new multi-use developments create a dynamic mix of residential choices in this area. See More

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Cole / McKinney Area is made up of three smaller neighborhoods inside Turtle Creek Area. Click on the map and discover each specific neighborhood as you explore this area.

Cole / McKinney Area Neighborhood - Continued

Young professionals and empty nesters enjoy the eclectic mix of shops, stores, cafes, restaurants, and art film theaters. The MAC personifies the mix of serious art with outright fun. Knox/Henderson bridges East Dallas with the Park Cities. Turn of the 21st Century developments have fed off and contributed to the energy of the area.

West Village is a mixed-use development that is equally attractive to residents inside and outside of the neighborhood. City Place is an office highrise with surrounding retail development that relates as much to McKinney/Cole as it does to East Dallas. Many of the city's finest art galleries are along or close to McKinney Avenue from Dunn and Brown at one end to Gerald Peters Gallery on the other end.

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