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An early departure from Oregon reminded me of my 8:00 a.m. science requirement class, Climatology, first semester at SMU. I lifted the airplane window shade to see if we had left the runway after a short nap. Seeing clouds, I realized we were in the air and I thought, “I took Climatology, I should know what type of clouds these are.” However, the early hour of an 8 o’clock class, sitting in the back row needing glasses that I still didn’t have, made seeing projected cloud images on the screen a bit blurry, as was my state of consciousness. This resulted in my only collegiate D, but it put me in a great position for Most Improved GPA when I graduated on the High Dean’s List. Looking out the window, not surprisingly, no Climatology knowledge kicked in. Fortunately, I took another course to satisfy my other science requirement—Geology. As you can see when you slide to the second image, at the same visual elevation as the clouds in the foreground, is what looks at a glance to be a cloud in the background. I wasn’t fooled! My keen university study of geology allowed me to successfully identify that this was not a cloud formation but a rock formation—Mount Hood. Thank you, SMU! *Mount Hood as a Cloud
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