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The recent exhibition of Jonas Wood at the Dallas Museum of Arts, Dior at the Dallas Museum of Arts, and now this Dior dress and Salvador Dali painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has me thinking about art, fashion, architecture, and how these aesthetic disciplines have the same notes and relate to each other. (Slide through to see previous posts.) I do not associate artist Salvador Dali with this painting of a woman in a pink taffeta Dior dress, nor do I think of Christian Dior when I see this dress. However, I love how the frills of the dress dissolve into strong architectural lines and simplicity. The vibrant color becomes subtle as it is further subdued by the consistency of a complimentary sash. In Jonas Wood’s painting of his boyhood kitchen, the defining architectural lines emerge from a lush botanical motif of the surfaces. The art patron standing in front of the painting is wearing the same botanical motif; however, the straight lines of her midcalf open jacket define the modernity of this apparel. The Van Gogh landscape painting almost becomes the pattern of the Christian Dior dress next to it just as a natural dense landscape almost becomes a solid with variations of shades. This dress does the same. These pairings of #DressForPainting, design, art, architecture, and fashion all come from the same place. *Metropolitan Interpretation of Dior
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