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The first house of fashion I supported as a child was that of French designer Rene Lacoste. How can a child not enjoy the glorious colors and full piqué weave of a Lacoste three-button shirt. Every so often I am called to take a pilgrimage to Rene Lacoste’s house, fittingly next to the Chantaco Golf Club where his daughter, the US Open champion, is also celebrated. I enjoy honoring his fashion instincts and legacy. My lifetime fondness for his shirts with the crocodile are just like his house—sturdy, understated, with a pleasing palette. Now, every year, I add to my Lacoste fashion repertoire by also going to Espadrilles par Nicole Paries and purchasing a few pair of espadrilles, selected with the help of fashion consultant @Catherin_Mathilde, including these pictured in Basque red. *House of Fashion
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