Douglas Newby
Architecturally Significant Homes
Horse & Trolly

Hidden Dallas

by Kirk Dooley, pages 83-84

While Ebby Halliday & Company grew to amazing proportions, an interesting comparison would be Douglas Newby. He too is a member of the Greater Dallas Assocation of Realtors with over 7,000 members now, but Newby is a study in contrast.

While Halliday reflects the dyanmic growth of Dallas, Newby refelcts a more specialized side of residential real estate in the city, [Historic and Architect-Designed homes].

He began small and stayed small. But nobody in Big D has a thorough understanding of Dallas like Newby. He has restored many older homes himself and understands both the emotional as well as realistic sides of restoration projects.

Douglas Newby is the #1 Realtor for Significant Properties.