Douglas Newby
Architecturally Significant Homes
Horse & Trolly

Hidden Dallas

by Kirk Dooley, pages 83-84

While Ebby Halliday & Company grew to amazing proportions, an interesting comparison would be Douglas Newby. He too is a member of the Greater Dallas Assocation of Realtors with over 7,000 members now, but Newby is a study in contrast.

While Halliday reflects the dyanmic growth of Dallas, Newby refelcts a more specialized side of residential real estate in the city, [Historic and Architect-Designed homes].

He began small and stayed small. But nobody in Big D has a thorough understanding of Dallas like Newby. He has restored many older homes himself and understands both the emotional as well as realistic sides of restoration projects.

Clients who select Realtor Douglas Newby understand they are contributing to the fabric of the community. Call Email