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As John Reoch said when he moved from Philadelphia to Munger Place decades ago, “Driving down Fitzhugh was like visiting the United Nations.” Many countries from around the world were represented in small shops, micro-restaurants, and recently arrived immigrants inhabiting crowded, dilapidated housing. I recall 20 years ago, James Shinn, the Dallas Director of International Affairs, asking me where I specialized when he was discussing having me represent Patricia and him on the sale of their Turtle Creek Park home. For the first time, I said with a smile, I specialized in the Fitzhugh corridor. My answer might have been considered a counterintuitive pitch at the time since Fitzhugh probably conveyed the most negative connotations of a street in Old East Dallas. However, it spoke directly to Turtle Creek Park, which is bordered by Fitzhugh (along with Turtle Creek and Rock Creek). And despite Fitzhugh being so sketchy, it bordered many of my favorite neighborhoods including Northern Hills, Cochran Heights, and the Swiss Avenue, Jefferson Peak, and Munger Place historic districts. Now, the Beverley restaurant is an exclamation mark on the transformation of Fitzhugh and Old East Dallas. Recently, with Jim and Carole Young, two of the most respected people in Dallas, we celebrated a special occasion, on the patio at the Beverley reflecting the changing perception of Fitzhugh. A charming manager and staff, good food, and surrounded by what some might even classify as beautiful people, Fitzhugh has become a destination rather than an international trek through cultures. Slide through to see the Beverley and vestiges of the early Fitzhugh. *Fitzhugh!
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