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Horse & Trolly

European Interpretation

Often when in Europe, I see homes that offer a delightful surprise. Just as some modern homes have living spaces linked by outside pavilions and European homes might have an auxiliary cottage close by, the central corridor of this home is covered by the second story but is open at both ends. This open corridor allows one from the wrought iron front gated door to see through the house to the garden, park, and White Rock Lake. Proceeding through this open corridor, doors facing each other, one opens to the main living areas and bedrooms, and the opposite door opens to additional living spaces and two guest bedrooms. Wraparound terraces, porches, balcony porches, and second floor terraces link the primary spaces of the home with the guest spaces. These balconies and terraces also provide spectacular views of the park and White Rock Lake. These views are shared by the informal and formal living rooms and bedrooms. This design allows a neighborhood home to become a home removed from the neighborhood with only views of trees, parks, and the lake. It is fun to see a home on .5 acres that has an environment one would associate with several acres and one that would cost several million dollars more. *European Interpretation
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