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Dallas housing officials, urbanists, and politicians have a love affair with apartments and increased density. Their talking point is that more apartments provide more affordable housing. “More density” has become the avant-garde mantra of the housing and planning cartel. In fact, zoning that is higher than the existing housing stock already built eliminates affordable housing in the area. Overzoning in a neighborhood also eliminates diversity of housing. When the 100 block of Old East Dallas was first being considered to be rezoned from multifamily zoning to single-family zoning, the opposition did not come from the developer mayor, or even apartment owners. The opposition to single-family rezoning came from well-intentioned people including those in the Park Cities and North Dallas concerned about gentrification. Single-family zoning was also opposed by the nationally renowned Dallas city planners and liberal neighborhood advocates, saying multifamily zoning was critical for the success of mass transportation and affordable housing. This single-family rezoning was enacted and there is still a diversity of housing in place from small one-story bungalows to historic duplexes, quadplexes, and 1960s two-story garden style apartments. Just a block over from the historic districts in the single-family zoned area are new massive three- and four-story apartment complexes being built. Each new large apartment complex eliminates another modest structure that a lower-income homebuyer might purchase or even rent. They need to remember new apartments are always expensive. They always have been and always will be. *Diverse Housing → Apartments
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