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Is wealth creation for low-income families thwarted by the city moving them to high-income North Dallas? Is a fashionable renter society of transients good for Dallas or does it subvert middle-income neighborhoods? Should middle-income neighborhoods, the lobby for good public schools, police and city services, be a priority or should they be allowed to continue to dwindle? Should affordable homes be built in South Dallas where low-income people now live or they should be built in North Dallas closer to jobs? Is it better for a low-income family to have higher income in North Dallas or a chance of wealth creation in South Dallas. The SMU/George W. Bush Institute conference on Policies To Promote Inclusive Urban Growth provoked these questions? Cullum Clark and Joel Kotkin pictured above, initiated the conference and invited speakers from across the country to discuss cities. You can see my summary of the thoughts and ideas that were generated at the conference on the Dallas Architecture Blog Direction of Dallas and Urban Growth:
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