Architecturally Significant Homes


Modern Collage

Modern homes were introduced to Dallas in 1936 in conjunction with the Texas Sesquicentennial. The Art Moderne homes reflected a style sweeping the country. Stanley Marcus, during this time, engaged Frank Lloyd Wright in conversation and ultimately rejected his fee and used Dallas modern architectural firm DeWitt and Washburn. After many exceptional Texas Modern homes in the 1930s, mid century modern homes, and the work of international architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Edward Durell Stone, Harwell Hamilton Harris, and Philip Johnson, then Bud Oglesby captured the imagination of Dallas. Open spaces, central vistas and exploiting the perfectly sited houses became his trademark. He mentored many of the great modern and Texas modern architects working today: Max Levy, Ron Wommack, Cliff Welch, Joe McCall and many other award-winning architects.

Dallas Modern Homes

Lionel Morrison Architect Designed Home

  • Neighborhood: Preston Hollow
  • Built: 1960
  • Special Note: Sold
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Scott Specht designed Modern Dallas Residence

Modern Home by Jason and Signe Smith in Preston Hollow

Smitharc Designed Modern Home in Shorecrest Estates

Architecturally significant home in Preston Hollow

Lionel Morrison Designed Home in Turtle Creek

Modern and Green House Designed by Architect Todd Hamilton

Fort Worth Modern Home

Modern Home Designed by Thad Reeves

Historic Modern Home Has Influences of Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan

Modern Home by Architect Lionel Morrison

Dallas Modern Home For Sale in Northern Heights

Norman D. Ward Designed Modern Residence

Marc McCollom Designed Modern Residence

Highland Park Contemporary Home

Lionel Morrison Modern Home

I.M. Pei Protege, Architect George Woo Designed

Green Architecture Dallas

Bent Tree Modern Home

International Style Modern Home

Lionel Morrison Architect Designed Home

Bud Oglesby Architect Designed Home

Bill Booziotis Architect Designed

Edward Durell Stone Designed Modern Home

Highland Park Real Estate

Turtle Creek Real Estate

Architect Bob James Designed Home

Antoine Predock Design

Signe & Jason Smith Designed Residence

Philip Johnson Designed Architecturally Significant Modern Estate Home

Max Levy Designed Architecturally Significant Modern Real Estate

Rob Allen & Jim Buie Designed Architecturally Significant Modern Residence

Signe & Jason Smith Designed Modern Real Estate

Cliff Welch Designed Modern House

Edward Larrabee Barnes Design

Lionel Morrison Designed Home

Sharon Odum Designed Modern Home

Frank Welch Architect Designed Home

Bentley Tibbs Renovation Design of Turtle Creek Modern Home

Charles S. Dilbeck Designed Art Moderne Home

Luther E. Sadler Designed Art Moderne Home

Roscoe DeWitt Designed International Estate Home

Charles Moore Designed Architecturally Significant Modern Home

Turtle Creek Real Estate

Kenneth Burgess Designed Modern Home

Bud Oglesby Designed Estate Home

Lionel Morrison - Modern Home

Signe & Jason Smith Designed House

Stretto House

Michael Malone Designed Modern Home

Architect Gary Cunningham Designed Home

Signe & Jason Smith Designed Modern Home

Frank Lloyd Wright Design

Modern Home Designed by Architect Richard Meier

Frank Welch Designed Modern Estate Home

Ron Wommack Designed Modern Real Estate

  • Architect: Ron Wommack
  • Built: 2008
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Architect Lionel Morrison Designed Home

Gary Cunningham Designed Home

Max Levy Designed Contemporary Home

  • Architect: Max Levy
  • Special Note: 
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Architect Designed Modern Home On Katy Trail

Bill Booziotis Designed Modern Home For Sale

Dallas Modern Home Built by Sebastian Construction Group

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