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Ten years ago I posted on my Facebook Modern Homes Page the photographs of this modern home architect Rick Joy designed for a Dallas client. Recently, Rick Joy, FAIA, came to Dallas as the speaker for the Frank Welch Dallas Architecture Forum lecture. It was fun to hear Rick Joy speak about his work approach and philosophy about architecture, which in many ways coincided with the values of Frank Welch. It was also interesting to hear Rick Joy talk about this modern home that he designed for a Dallas patron and client in Arizona. It was a major work and expensive project, and a beautiful house that had a major impact on Rick Joy’s architectural career and future work. National and international architects have had a major impact on Dallas, as Dallas clients have invited them to design a home in Dallas. Dallas residents have also had a major impact on the careers of Dallas architects and architects across the country, as these architects are retained for second homes in beautiful locations on dramatic sites across America.
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