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Dubious Real Estate Clichés and Real Estate Myths were discussed in a Conversation at the Barry Whistler Gallery. Surrounded by the fabulous art (slide through to see) of artist including,Tom Orr, Linnea Glatt, Jay Shinn, and Allison V. Smith, the room was filled with friends who I think have the greatest real estate instincts, who are either visionaries or have a keen curiosity that quickly grasps concepts contrary to the real estate mantras passed down for decades. This conversation and reception also reminded me of how powerful art is for engaging people, generating interaction of people, and reminding people of the importance of aesthetics to a home or site. Many thanks to Barry Whistler, Allison V. Smith, and Fernando Alvarez for opening the Barry Whistler Gallery for this conversation. As I said at the Barry Whistler Gallery in the Design District that evening, “We are in the safest space in Dallas. Any real estate agent has been required to check their license at the door. We are in a real estate license-free zone.” This was a fun evening of ideas and art! *Counterintuitive Real Estate Ideas
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