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Colors of Portland

Green, gray and brown are the prevailing colors of Portland. One sees them in the natural landscape, the palette of many paintings donated to the Portland Art Museum, and at the Portland Golf Club. Here, the Chair of the Portland Golf Club Archive Committee drives by in a 35-year-old brown vintage Jaguar against the backdrop of this beautiful Orgeon golf course. Just the idea of a gorgeous golf course and a voted club membership invokes a vintage feel of exclusivity and environmental privilege. On the other hand, it is a shared privilege of using the land versus that of the Hollywood elite and business tycoons that buy thousands of acres in the Pacific Northwest and mountain states and promptly post “no trespassing” signs on land that has been accessed communally for years. I love the soft rains of Portland in which the many layered leaves of towering trees keep one dry, the endless green and muted earthtone palette, and while not a car person or golfer, the elegance of a vintage Jaguar and old school golf course. By the way, the last time I was really sunburned was ten years ago playing golf on this course. When the sun shines in Portland, it really shines. *Colors of Portland
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