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Sky + Trees = Pool

Aqua is the aquatic color of the sea, or the color reflected in the pool of the famous clear blue Dallas skies and lush green trees of the city. There is something very elegant when a lawn comes up to the side of a pool and the canopy of trees is pushed to the perimeter. This creates the perfect effect of sun and shade. If one is not at the sea during the summer, why not an older neighborhood in Dallas. Here is an example of the good life. *Sky + Trees = Pool
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SMU Heroes Honor Ben

SMU has been the launching pad for many in Dallas including these SMU heroes who gathered to honor Ben Malcolmson at an impressive well attended book signing of his dynamic, thrilling book Walk On, with a foreward by Coach Pete Carroll. Chuck Hixson was an SMU quarterback that put SMU on the map for many potential SMU students across the country. His passing records stood for almost 50 years. He continues to contribute to Dallas in a monumental way as a principal of Westdale Management that is transforming Deep Ellum. Chuck Dannis also played football at SMU and is synonymous with real estate appraisals. He just received the lifetime achievement award from the Commercial Association of Real Estate Professionals. Ken Malcolmson, a business leader, has chaired, participated, or has been president of the most important Dallas civic organization, and is past president of the SMU Alumni Association. He is also the father of Ben Malcolmson. It is fun to see a group I have admired since I was at school now convene to honor a young man I have also very much admired for many years. *SMU Heroes Honor Ben
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Declining Debutante

A debutante never ages—well maybe a little—but always with grace, authority, and elegance. Virtually every shiny, new, aspirational apartment eventually suffers a rough decline. Even fashionable apartments meet their demise. The Debutante Apartments at one time were probably as stylish and glamorous as those on Gaston Avenue geared towards stewardesses, models, and young professionals, but in less than 15 years became weekly rentals and flophouses. New Urbanists,’ planners,’ and city officials’ love affair with density, apartment zoning and the short-term glamor of new apartments should always remember the Debutante. *Declining Debutante
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Diverse Housing → Apartments

Dallas housing officials, urbanists, and politicians have a love affair with apartments and increased density. Their talking point is that more apartments provide more affordable housing. “More density” has become the avant-garde mantra of the housing and planning cartel. In fact, zoning that is higher than the existing housing stock already built eliminates affordable housing in the area. Overzoning in a neighborhood also eliminates diversity of housing. When the 100 block of Old East Dallas was first being considered to be rezoned from multifamily zoning to single-family zoning, the opposition did not come from the developer mayor, or even apartment owners. The opposition to single-family rezoning came from well-intentioned people including those in the Park Cities and North Dallas concerned about gentrification. Single-family zoning was also opposed by the nationally renowned Dallas city planners and liberal neighborhood advocates, saying multifamily zoning was critical for the success of mass transportation and affordable housing. This single-family rezoning was enacted and there is still a diversity of housing in place from small one-story bungalows to historic duplexes, quadplexes, and 1960s two-story garden style apartments. Just a block over from the historic districts in the single-family zoned area are new massive three- and four-story apartment complexes being built. Each new large apartment complex eliminates another modest structure that a lower-income homebuyer might purchase or even rent. They need to remember new apartments are always expensive. They always have been and always will be. *Diverse Housing → Apartments
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East Lawther Home

Many are familiar with the several-acre estate lots on West Lawther. How many are aware of the home along East Lawther and Arboretum Point? On my thousands of bike rides around White Rock Lake, I noticed the land, the lake, the trees, the meadow, the hill, but never really noticed the home on Arboretum Point that overlooks all of this. This shot from the backyard of the Arboretum Point home is tucked back into nature. It is a home that can enjoy nature and the broad views of White Rock Lake from its gardens, porches, and interior spaces. *East Lawther Home
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Screen Porch

Summer is here! What better place to spend it in Dallas than on a screen porch enjoying the cool breezes that are further filtered by the meadows and trees that surround the lake. On a hot summer day in the city it is easy to forget you can find a wonderful cool green oasis in Dallas. The very savvy and fortunate homebuyers found a site in Dallas where they can still enjoy the city when they are not traveling in the summer. A screen porch is almost summer magic. *Screen Porch
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Rolling Land to Lake

As seen from this porch, here is my favorite stretch of White Rock Lake to ride my bike. Wind is at my back, there is a slight slope in my favor, the lake is on one side and the meadow, park, and Arboretum is on the other side of the bike trail. One does not even notice this single home on Arboretum Point with balconies and porches overlooking Winfrey Point, the Park, and White Rock Lake. This White Rock Lake home is such a good example of how it is not important how much land your home is on, but what it is next to or across from. Here, the home is on a half acre but it looks across 1,000 acres of lake and park. *Rolling Land to Lake
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Period Photograph Before Its Time

This casual photograph taken in the early spring of 2019 is current, but the photograph already feels dated.This is not a picture taken in Cuba with its arrested political and physical development and is not a small town in the Midwest where current civilization and trends have not yet landed. This is New York. This is Manhattan. This is where North American trends originate. But still I look at the photograph and already feel 50 years in the past because we are so close to having such a different urban future. Will we have Yellow Cabs in the next few years? I don’t think so. Will there be intervals of empty streets in the late afternoon in the middle of the largest city in the country? I don’t think so. It is not the historic buildings that make this photograph look like a period image before its time. Classical architecture is a wonderful backdrop for any technology that is emerging. Archaic predetermined streetlight timers are not going to regulate the flow of air taxis, drones, mini-vehicles, autonomous transportation devices, and shared lanes of pedestrians and myriad forms of movement. Uber is planning on relocating a major part of their corporation to Dallas, also chosen as a demonstration area for their air taxis and other forms of advanced transportation. Are younger cities like Dallas more open to technology or less resistant to change than New York? Will New York regulation, unions, and urban tradition keep Yellow Cabs as the look of the future? I still don’t think so. I suggest anyone living or visiting New York enhale the street scenes of Manhattan that will seem as quaint as pictures of horses and buggies on New York streets a hundred years ago. *Period Photograph Before Its Time
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Neiman Marcus Inside Out

Neiman Marcus has been famous for their downtown windows originally showing off fashion of designers Stanley Marcus discovered in Europe and brought to the United States. They joined Marshall Field on Michican Avenue in Chicago and Saks Fifth Avenue to entice one to trek to the city just to look at the fashion framed by the windows of these iconic retailers. These windows were like an amuse-bouche that whet your appetite, maybe even giving one courage to go inside the store to see more. A purchase was accelerated by the foundation of aspirational desire that came from admiring the goods in the deep store windows. Now Hudson Yards turns the visual concept of retail inside out. At the Hudson Yards Neiman Marcus, the best view through a window is not on the street looking into the store front window, but from the inside of Neiman Marcus looking outside at the Vessel, a walkable sculpture by architect Thomas Heatherwick. This sculpture might have cost more than all the inventory inside Neiman Marcus. It seems to me Hudson Yards is a parenthetical experiment between the adrenalin-charged destination of a downtown Neiman Marcus and increased online shopping. Will an experiential-oriented mall ever replace a stroll down a New York street of store windows or shopping online? As retail, technology, and transporation rapidly evolve, it will be interesting to see if the trend is moving towards Hudson Yards style malls or towards a more vibrant street scene of the future. *Neiman Marcus Inside Out
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Swiss Avenue Value

Homes on Swiss Avenue boulevard might offer the greatest combination of aesthetic attributes and value in Dallas. After many years of Swiss Avenue and the surrounding Old East Dallas neighborhoods being suspect, now a new generation of very successful young professionals and families have embraced this beautiful safe neighborhood. With historic districts on three sides of Swiss Avenue, and Lakewood shopping center and Lakewood conservation district at the end of Swiss Avenue, the Swiss Avenue historic district is now surrounded by beautiful homes and neighborhoods. Further, new residential and retail development is surging in the next layers of neighborhoods surrounding Swiss Avenue. Munger Place and Swiss Avenue is also in the heart of the restoration area, and is the origin place of all great 20th century architecture in Dallas. Before Hal Thomson and Fooshee & Cheek were designing homes in Highland Park, they were designing homes for the society families and industrialists who wanted to live on Swiss Avenue. Three miles further out from downtown Dallas an acre of land is selling for almost $2 million an acre. Swiss Avenue land closer In has even more intrinsic value. Pictured here is a perennial favorite home on Swiss Avenue. It is beautifully designed on almost an acre of land with views down the boulevard to the downtown Dallas skyline. With well over 5,000 s.f. and high ceilings, spacious open rooms, and an enormous amount of large windows, this one hundred year-old renovated home is a perfect example and exemplifies why Swiss Avenue homeowners are so excited about where they live. What other city has a neighborhood of architect-designed homes in such a lovely environment just two miles from downtown? A few blocks away, the Sante Fe Trail leads you to White Rock Lake and SMU in one direction and Deep Elm and Trinity groves in other direction. The value of a home is derived from the aesthetics, site, and neighborhood. *Swiss Avenue Value
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Classical Architecture Compels a Look

What a surprise to see what looks like a series of pen and ink drawings of classical and historical residential buildings at the Whitney Biennial. And yet, my most powerful and profound insight from the exhibition came from this series by artist Milano Chow. I realized that I loved looking at modern residences with planes of intersecting glass that allows the home to merge with nature as I look through it or around it. These modern glass façade homes are visually appealing architectural poetry. However, while I can look through these homes, I am seldom tempted to peer inside as I am so enamored with the sculptural shape and even the reflection of nature and the environment in the glass. On the other hand, impressions of historic buildings like these pen and ink drawings with double-hung windows immediately draw my attention to what might be inside. Maybe it is my inner Jimmy Stewart thinking Grace Kelly is looking over my shoulder in Rear Window, or maybe it is sexier and more provocative to show just a little bit of glass. The viewer of these drawings is rewarded when every window is reviewed and then a figure emerges in one window of each building. The person seen through the window in each drawing conveys a different personality and emotion. Art is about discovery, and this art allows me to discover and think in a new way about windows and glass.
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Bridging the Gap

Curran Hatleberg photographs while he travels around the country getting to know places and people. These photographs do not try to define the places and people but convey some of the detail, mystery, and magic of places we haven’t stopped to explore. I love this photograph bridging the gap between what we know and what we don’t know. And makes us curious to want to know. *Bridging the Gap
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Pottery and Weaving

Craft or art? Pottery is the only craft that ranks one notch higher as art than weaving. Primitive and utilitarian, both of these art forms seemed to hit their zenith in the 1970s. This was a time of organic, back to nature, and when the Whole Earth Catalog movement was at its height. Now there is a resurgence. The weavings of Sheila Hicks were shown at the Biennial a few years ago. The Nasher museum in Dallas is having a one-woman show of her weavings and the DMA is about to install one of her pieces. Pottery has always had a special place for me, both working on the wheel and going to the Art Institute of Chicago looking at centuries of ceramics, and as a student doing site surveys in Oaxaca collecting pottery shards from centuries ago. Ceramicist Theaster Gates won last year’s Nasher Prize. This piece by artist and ceramicist Simone Leigh combines textiles and pottery. It pulls from both of these ancient mediums and cultures as craft and art communicate her black feminist thought. This art demonstrates how powerful contemporary radical political thought is when it draws from the power of history, culture, form, art, and craft. *Pottery and Weaving
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Whitney Biennial Textiles

Artist Tomashi Jackson, originally from Houston and now living in New York, focuses these art pieces, woven together with found objects, on housing displacement in New York. We are also experiencing housing displacement of people and structures in Dallas. Just as the artist’s density-layered abstractions of found materials are messy, older neighborhoods and older homes are often messy. In Dallas we have seen well-intended politicians wanting to eradicate these older homes because they are not up to a perceived minimum middle-class housing condition. These politicians in concert with affordable housing developers want to replace the messiness of diverse housing and conditions in the older neighborhoods with sameness—sanitized new apartments. The affordability component of these new apartments comes from subsidizing some or all of them for lower or moderate-income residents. Every new apartment complex means one less homeownership possibility or renting a larger less expensive apartment in an older building. In New York, the City is taking over neighborhoods with forced sales for new luxury residential development. There are many faces of urban renewal. Urban renewal is almost always pitched as a way to improve the lives of low-income residents. When in fact homeownership and renovating small houses creates wealth for low-income residents and perpetuates a diverse housing stock. Artist Eric N. Mack also explores texture with mixed materials that create a blanket or quilt that recalls those we see at the State Fair of Texas and all the qualities and meanings a quilt represents and conveys. *Whitney Biennial Textiles
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There has been much discussion about political oppression and psychological trauma of a growing community that self-identifies with a gender. We also have seen almost a romantic and cheery feeling about the emerging liberation and freedom associated with self-identifying. These strong photographic portraits by artist Elle Pérez display the physicality, pleasure, pain, and pushing the body, that also can accompany this journey. A carved branding on the arm, vials of testosterone, bruises from facial feminization surgery, and celebration of the body is included in this series of photographs that even add more layers to transfiguring. *Self-Identifying
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Whitney Biennial 2019

My fascination with the Whitney Biennial began when the Whitney Museum selected @JamesSurls for the Biennial. This was long before my first trip to New York. The 2019 Whitney Biennial was the edgiest, most elegant, and calm Biennial that I have seen in many years. Over the next few days I will be posting my impressions of some of the work, that the Whitney has selected to give a snapshot of current American art. I have found that the work in this Biennial is conspicuously current but much of it revisits mediums and approaches from the past—found objects, textiles, weavings, pottery, photographs, and pen and ink architectural façade drawings. The exhibition also includes two of the most current political toxic topics—gender self-identification and a suggestion of life/choice conversation, which the artist contributes to in a fascinating, subtle, elegant, and provocative way. This post will also include art from some of the other artists in the exhibition including Calvin Marcus, Joe Minter, Milano Chow, Augustina Woodgate, John Edmonds, Jennifer Packer, Janiva Ellis. *Whitney Biennial 2019
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Dallas Inflection

New York projects the idea of black as the tone of fashion and uniform of the city. Blue suits and brown leather shoes for hedge fund managers and lawyers also come to mind. Especially before Memorial Day. But these are just the base notes for the New York kaleidoscope of costumes and color. When in New York I find myself dressing sometimes in a more formal way, sometimes a more casual way, and sometimes in the same way as I do in Dallas. One of the many great things about New York is that every inflection adds to the visual texture and personality of the city. I have found that regardless of what I am wearing, that when I bump into celebrities they are always polite. *Dallas Inflection
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Erector Set City

Last year MoMA displayed an artist’s vision of a 30th century city. The few skinny tall buildings piercing the cityscape struck me more than the colorful playful shapes. I was struck this year by the NYC tall skinny buildings with cranes on top being erected. They already changed the skyline. Only they appear above the Central Park trees. (Slide images.) From the Met rooftop we can see how these skinny structures relate to the NYC skyline imbedded into our consciousness. The skyscape begins to look like an ornately decorated cake with a few skinny birthday candles placed randomly on top. One more thing comes to mind. In the 1990s when artist Kengelez did the model 30th Century City, our Leadership Dallas class on the first day was divided into small groups for an exercise. We were given a tube of tinkertoys and five minutes to build the tallest structure without it falling down. Our group, a future judge, banker, and architecturally significant agent, took a judicial approach creating a solid aesthetically pleasing structure, not the tallest. I chuckle at groups that took opposite approaches on the spectrum. The developer, investor and entrepreneur without conversation started sticking vertical pieces on top of the other straight up! In 30 seconds it would topple and they would start over. Another group was equally hilarious when the starting whistle blew. An Asst City Mgr, Deputy Supt DISD, and Asst Police Chief opened the instructions and read the caution notes on the tinkertoy tube. More conversation, more reading, and when the final whistle blew, just like the developer group, the tinkertoy pieces were scattered on the table with no structure. Not saying these pencil-thin New York tall skinny structures are going to fall over but may tap into instincts of developers. I am saying bureaucrats are silly cautious. Decades ago Dallas looked like a toy city with buildings as tall as New York and Chicago, but only a small cluster. Soon maybe all cities will have New York’s birthday candle architectural skyscape. *Erector Set City
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Metropolitan Interpretation of Dior

The recent exhibition of Jonas Wood at the Dallas Museum of Arts, Dior at the Dallas Museum of Arts, and now this Dior dress and Salvador Dali painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has me thinking about art, fashion, architecture, and how these aesthetic disciplines have the same notes and relate to each other. (Slide through to see previous posts.) I do not associate artist Salvador Dali with this painting of a woman in a pink taffeta Dior dress, nor do I think of Christian Dior when I see this dress. However, I love how the frills of the dress dissolve into strong architectural lines and simplicity. The vibrant color becomes subtle as it is further subdued by the consistency of a complimentary sash. In Jonas Wood’s painting of his boyhood kitchen, the defining architectural lines emerge from a lush botanical motif of the surfaces. The art patron standing in front of the painting is wearing the same botanical motif; however, the straight lines of her midcalf open jacket define the modernity of this apparel. The Van Gogh landscape painting almost becomes the pattern of the Christian Dior dress next to it just as a natural dense landscape almost becomes a solid with variations of shades. This dress does the same. These pairings of #DressForPainting, design, art, architecture, and fashion all come from the same place. *Metropolitan Interpretation of Dior
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Bathroom Jewelry

Dallas bathrooms became infamous in the 1980’s and their notoriety continued into the 1990’s. These huge bathrooms were considered contemporary expressions of Texas bigness and over-the-top opulence. It wasn’t until the recent Camp: Notes on Fashion exhibit at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art that I realized Karl Lagerfeld designing for Chloe may have even had a better idea. Rather than just one opportunity to have their opulent Dallas bathroom photographed and published in a showy shelter magazine, one could have worn the Karl Lagerfeld-designed showerhead necklace and matching earrings (scroll to see image) to display a decadent opulence, inspired, I am sure, by the Dallas bathroom. The oversized 80’s and 90’s houses are now often torn down but this 1983-84 Karl Lagerfeld necklace can be prominently worn or displayed forever. It is true that some extraordinary outfits can only be worn once as they are easily remembered. I am sure the strategy for this necklace was to wear it first for a series of small dinners hosted in the owners’ personal homes in different locations and then regional parties, before the necklace and earrings were unveiled on either coast and internationally. Handled right, this jewelry could have become quite practical. Camp is, “Ideas, held in a special playful way.” Susan Sontag, 1964. *Bathroom Jewelry
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Heidi Tribute

Cultural Slumming! This was the headline for the House of Moschino Jeremy Scott-designed dress exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum’s Camp: Notes on Fashion. How appropriate that Heidi Dillon wore, Drink Moschino Cape from this series, a few years ago to the DMA Art Ball. Heidi, more than anyone else I know in Dallas, has always embraced camp and elevated it to high fashion. Heidi loves fashion and has fun with fashion. The Metropolitan chose this quote by David Halperin for the piece: Camp—demonstrates an exhilaration in identifying with the lowest of the low. Heidi can elevate the lowest cultural ritual to a cultured Chi-Chi expression. Cultural slumming would define one of my favorite hijinks in which Heidi was an enthusiastic participant. Many years ago, the Dillons and I were invited to the very elegant opening of the Chanel store in Highland Park Village. Heidi’s response was to enhance the decadence of this elegant evening with what some would consider a low form of cultural ritual—tailgating. Across from the Chanel store in a Ralph Lauren parking space, the open trunk of the Bentley revealed blocks of the finest foie gras in exquisite serving pieces. This was my first time tailgating for any event, but it was a delightful and joyful experience as we drifted back and forth from the Chanel store to the tailgate. Heidi has the ability to identify with the lowest of the low and enjoy life with the highest of the high. If you slide through images, you can see some other fabulous costumes by Jeremy Scott shown at the Metropolitan Museum. Earlier this year, Heidi Dillon hosted Jeremy Scott at her house for dinner. I am sure he came away from the evening with further inspiration. *Heidi Tribute
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Sam Gummelt Re-emerges

Sam Gummelt was a national sensation in the late 1960s. He was a major influence on artists like Dan Rizzie and David Bates in the 1970s. He was great friends with artist David McManaway, Bill Komodore, and many other celebrated artists of that generation. He shared a birthday with artist Barbara Bell and, most of all, I think of Sam Gummelt as a Tremont Artist, not because he lived on Tremont Street in Munger Place, but because of the hours and days he spent on Tremont sharing stories, ideas and inspiration with other artists. Sam Gummelt was also one of the favorite artists of the late architect Frank Welch who vigorously collected him. Sam Gummelt has shown his work over the decades in important galleries and been collected by sophisticated patrons, but like David McManaway his production never equaled his talent or the demand for his paintings. I am very excited that the Barry Whistler Gallery is showing Sam Gummelt’s work in an exhibition that opens Saturday night from 6:00 to 8:00. Slide through to see photographs of Paul Black co-curated by Allison V. Smith and the 1814 Magazine along with the paintings of Sam Gummelt makes this a very exciting opening. *Sam Gummelt Re-emerges
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Allison V. Smith Curation

Photography, like other art, is about composition, context, point of view, and how it affects the viewer. Photography has another dimension—capturing a moment in time that can never be replicated. Whether it is a dramatic event that disappears completely, or a nuance of an orchestrated scene, the slightest variation changes the mood and alters the message. Allison V. Smith adds another dimension to this exhibit of Carol photography by Paul Black between 1968 and 1972 which she co-curated with 1814 Magazine. Allison Smith has an instinct to capture the precise emotion of the moment with the click of her camera. It might be a deep emotion surfacing or the changing nuance of a landscape. Capturing or provoking emotion is what Allison V. Smith does. This show exhibits moments that captivated Allison. These black and white photographs of modest and mundane scenes are sexy and compelling. They draw one in, provoke, and make one long for more. You will see what Diane Arbus saw in Paul Black early in his career when she selected his portrait as the best of show—purity and precision, perfect photographs, prescience of his later career processing photography at his Photographique lab in Dallas. His black and white photographs are as pure as the natural and honest approach of the era. His beautiful wife, Carol, and setting conveys a Pennsylvania simplicity that transforms into fashion, domesticity that transforms into glamour. Unadorned and unselfconscious, these photographs explore the intimacy of the home and the evolution and moods of Carol—an artist, a wife, a mother. You will enjoy seeing these photographs at the opening of the exhibition Carol on June 1 at the Barry Whistler Gallery. *Allison V. Smith Curation
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Texture Creates Shapes

What a treat to have in Dallas two museums on Flora Street, the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center, increasingly complimenting and impacting each other. Both grow as a result. What an unexpected surprise to have two exhibitions to explore how textiles create shapes. The Dior exhibition of the DMA shows the architecture and evolution of dresses through the evolution of designers and decades. As you slide through, you will see images of designers’ work seen at the DMA, exploring materials that are tightly tailored or loosely flowing. Artist Sheila Hicks’ work is an exploration of fibers, texture, and shapes. Her inspiration for her art might even come from the feel of texture in her hand. Just as fashion designers do, she explores century-old techniques and natural fibers, and recent synthetic fibers, and technology with much different effects. I recommend if you have not seen either exhibit yet, go to the Sheila Hicks exhibition at the Nasher Museum first. You will leave with a whole new understanding of textiles, textures, drape, form, shape, and the broad and delicate strokes of design and construction. *Texture Creates Shapes
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