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Motion Passes – Pegasus Sells

From my suggesting the name Pegasus for the bank as it was being formed, to making the motion to accept the results of the shareholder vote to sell the bank, this investment has had a sentimental appeal to me. The sale also represents an evolution of Dallas and the closing of a circle of longstanding banking relationships with Joe Goyne. I first met Joe at a Christmas party of architect Michael Brown on Swiss Avenue when I had just started graduate school at SMU. Joe suggested I look under my mattress, empty the pillowcases, and look in all my pockets to pull together some money to open an account at Grand Bank. I did just that. At the bank when I emptied all my pockets holding various denominations and types of currency, checks, and remittances, it made a mound on his desk. He immediately called in the other bank officers to take a look. Since then, Joe Goyne, who started as a teller at Lakewood Bank, became President of Grand Bank, Vice Chairman of Comerica Bank, started Lone Star Bank, and then founded his last venture, Pegasus Bank. Along the way has been the creation of a historic district, building the first two new houses in Munger Place after it became a historic district, a Restoration House of the Year Award and many other shared civic ventures that we worked on together. Congratulations to Joe, the officers and staff, and other shareholders for a successful sale. Wishing Joe continued success as a banker working for the new out-of-state bank. *Motion Passes – Pegasus Sells
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Neighborhood Modern

This neighborhood modern home is in contrast to the proliferation of builder modern spec homes that are more about modern ornamentation than good design. This modern home in a neighborhood of renovated cottages is respectful of the setbacks, the scale is pleasing, and the front façade also has a hint of an Old East Dallas Airplane Bungalow. Even at a glance, it is easy to identify this as an architect-designed home. *Neighborhood Modern
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Will Murchison Makes Impact

The late John McElroy, an artist who became Chair of the Meadows School of the Arts at SMU once told me that many of his best graduate art students had undergraduate engineering degrees. He encouraged those with a less formal art background and then watched them as their work often exceeded the success of those with the traditional art trajectory. It was immensely satisfying to see at the Erin Cluley Gallery the work of Will Murchison, who has more recently dedicated himself to art. His work held up well in the summer show at the Erin Cluley Gallery, and made a definite impact on those who came to see the art exhibited at the coordinated openings of many galleries in the Design District and across Dallas. Will Murchison exhibit pieces exuded passion, point of view, and a deft use of color. Dallas is fortunate to have the number of excellent galleries, accomplished and recognized artists, and emerging artists that make Dallas a vibrant city of artists and collectors. *Will Murchison Makes Impact
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European Interpretation

Often when in Europe, I see homes that offer a delightful surprise. Just as some modern homes have living spaces linked by outside pavilions and European homes might have an auxiliary cottage close by, the central corridor of this home is covered by the second story but is open at both ends. This open corridor allows one from the wrought iron front gated door to see through the house to the garden, park, and White Rock Lake. Proceeding through this open corridor, doors facing each other, one opens to the main living areas and bedrooms, and the opposite door opens to additional living spaces and two guest bedrooms. Wraparound terraces, porches, balcony porches, and second floor terraces link the primary spaces of the home with the guest spaces. These balconies and terraces also provide spectacular views of the park and White Rock Lake. These views are shared by the informal and formal living rooms and bedrooms. This design allows a neighborhood home to become a home removed from the neighborhood with only views of trees, parks, and the lake. It is fun to see a home on .5 acres that has an environment one would associate with several acres and one that would cost several million dollars more. *European Interpretation
#WhiteRockLake #ArboretumPoint #Architecture #DallasNeighborhood #Dallas #EmeraldIsle #Design #PathToSMU #PathToDeepEllum #PathToTrinityGroves #landscape

Discover a Muse

Go over a stone bridge and find a hidden neighborhood, climb a curving hill, and proceed to a bowed street that ends, and along the way you might notice a small hidden spur, engulfed by vegetation and a canopy of trees, that disappears. Right before this fragment of street disappears, you will discover this hidden muse. No wonder I love this neighborhood. *Discover a Muse
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Preservation versus New Urbanism

Single-family zoning preserves affordable housing—New Urbanism multifamily zoning destroys affordable housing. Single-family zoning preserves two-story Prairie style homes, one-story Craftsman bungalows and small cottages, duplexes, fourplexes, and small 1960s apartment buildings. Multifamily zoning unleashes the bulldozers as property owners disinvest in their homes and buildings of affordable apartments as they wait for a developer to purchase the property for new development and massive density. The first image shows one of the next blocks on the way to being torn down and the last image is a view from right around the corner to downtown Dallas. Here you can see small houses and small apartments on the way to bulldozer land. Just last week Chris Leinberger at a D CEO Magazine New Urbanism lecture said single-family zoning is good for homeowners because it makes the property appreciate, but it is bad for society. He said that Dallas needs to change single family zoning to multi family zoning. He proposes that an acre of land with normal sized lots (six houses) should be torn down and replaced with 60 apartments. Preservation promotes a diversity of architectural styles and sizes. New Urbanism requires architectural homogeneity and economic diversity through different levels of rent subsidies. Good intentions and sounds good—looks and lives bad! *Preservation versus New Urbanism
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Summer = Shakespeare

Shakespeare in the Park is a summer tradition and a personal tradition. From Shakespeare in Fair Park where I saw the costumes designed by Giva Taylor and T.A. Taylor carrying spears on stage while commemorative T.A. Taylor Shakespeare T-shirts were being sold , to Shakespeare now at Samuell Grand Park where one finds the brilliant T.A. Taylor in leading roles. This summer my enjoyment of Shakespeare in the Park continues. The performance of As You Like It more effectively transports one to a different place than other forms of entertainment. One experiences highbrow theater and lowbrow comedy, effete aspirations and lawn seating. There is enough mental concentration needed for one to get into a groove of understanding the play, but a plot that is fun to see unfold. I always judge whether a Shakespeare performance is good if I can follow the plot line. I could—it’s good—you’ll enjoy! *Summer = Shakespeare
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Urban Steps

I love nature and I love cities. Vibrancy and solitude within steps of each other. In some cities you might find this in a walled villa, or maybe a hidden garden in a hotel, or an expanse of a lush park when you didn’t expect one. A stone path leading to stone steps helps one deliberately and subliminally make the transition from purpose to something even more important. *Urban Steps
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Hurricane Harvey Prompts Preservation

The Texas Legislature assembled over $9 million to preserve, restore, and study damaged buildings and sites as a result of Hurricane Harvey. The Texas Legislature authorized the Texas Historical Commission, Texas Preservation Trust Fund to award this money to the most worthwhile preservation projects. I was elected by the Commission to serve on the professional advisory board which reviewed the 50 projects applying for the grants and the staff evaluations and background on each project that were candidates to receive these resources. This board included a place for two architects, two archeologists, two preservationists, two non-profit organization preservationists, one lawyer, and a real estate broker, which is the place I filled. The Texas Preservation Trust Fund staff is dedicated and knowledgeable. They provided fabulous information on each site that ranged from monumental county courthouses, to one-room frame schoolhouses, to private residences, to abandoned cemeteries. The conversations, thoughts and discussion of the board were vigorous, interesting, and collegial. I was pleased to be able to second a motion that directed a majority of the funds and make a motion that also passed prioritizing the distribution of the funds for the incredible worthwhile projects that did not score as high. It is always disappointing to see historic and architectural buildings and sites compromised but it is encouraging to see how much money is being discharged to put these buildings and sites back in good or better order. *Hurricane Harvey Prompts Preservation
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Porch by Park

There are many enticing environments and views. One of my favorites is looking into the tops of trees. I am not fond of heights, so the idea of climbing a sequoia 500 feet to explore a whole different ecosystem is something beyond my physical and mental capability. However, the sense of living within the architecture of trees is romantically primordial. Fluttering leaves, swaying branches, large and small birds swooping in and out, and wildlife cavorting brings a special appreciation of life. Of course, as sailors know, the higher up the sail, the stronger the wind. On a still day, balconies still enjoy cooling breezes and especially when they are filtered by a surrounding forest. *Porch by Park
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Summer Joyspotting

A car rapidly slows down and quickly pulls over as two women spot a cherry-painted wall. Of course, what would any joyspotting woman, dressed in a two-piece cherry print ensemble do—handstands in front of the matching wall! Ingrid Fetell Lee reminds us, summer also includes the joy of seeing others joyspotting. *Summer Joyspotting
#Joyspotting @AestheticsOfJoy @LindsayAttaway #Notation #Yoga #GraffitiJoy #Dallas #DallasNeighborhood #VickeryPlace #Urban #CityLife #Art #Design #CherryEnsemble #City

Penguin Repair Tool

Artist David McManaway and my father, the recipient of this art piece, shared a July 12 birthday. The Penguin Repair Tool was first exhibited at DW Gallery. At the opening I told David I would like to buy this piece if he would consider including an instruction manual. He agreed. (slide through to see the image of the instructions on how to use a Penguin Repair Tool. It is pure David McManaway and has the tone of notes, missives, and letters his friends received for years). D magazine later that month did a long feature on David McManaway including a photograph of the Penguin Repair Tool. SMU also borrowed the Penguin Repair Tool for the David McManaway Twenty Year Retrospective that it mounted two years later. Besides loving this piece, I thought it would be an appropriate birthday present for my father who was taking a two-month sabbatical from work as his health recovered. He was a naturally muscular man with a barrel chest, narrow hips, strong legs, long torso, which in a white shirt and blue jacket, if his children positioned his feet just so, could take on the look of a penguin. He disagreed but was a good sport. My father was also very adept at mechanical reasoning and appreciated the instructions that I would immediately toss aside with the Christmas paper, he would then retrieve the instructions and assemble the toy for which they accompanied. Thus, the instruction manual became an important part of this piece. Executed on foldover glossy manual and appropriately signed, only a faded photocopy now remains but the sentiment and directions are clear. The Penguin Repair Tool went on permanent display in the living room except when it was on loan for an art exhibition. It, of course, helped repair my father’s health, who lived a vibrant life for another 15 years. It is also a wonderful remembrance of my father’s generous spirit and that of David McManaway. *Penguin Repair Tool
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Mount Hood as a Cloud

An early departure from Oregon reminded me of my 8:00 a.m. science requirement class, Climatology, first semester at SMU. I lifted the airplane window shade to see if we had left the runway after a short nap. Seeing clouds, I realized we were in the air and I thought, “I took Climatology, I should know what type of clouds these are.” However, the early hour of an 8 o’clock class, sitting in the back row needing glasses that I still didn’t have, made seeing projected cloud images on the screen a bit blurry, as was my state of consciousness. This resulted in my only collegiate D, but it put me in a great position for Most Improved GPA when I graduated on the High Dean’s List. Looking out the window, not surprisingly, no Climatology knowledge kicked in. Fortunately, I took another course to satisfy my other science requirement—Geology. As you can see when you slide to the second image, at the same visual elevation as the clouds in the foreground, is what looks at a glance to be a cloud in the background. I wasn’t fooled! My keen university study of geology allowed me to successfully identify that this was not a cloud formation but a rock formation—Mount Hood. Thank you, SMU! *Mount Hood as a Cloud
#Climatology #Geology #CloudFormation #RockFormation #MountHood #MountainViews #CloudViews #Mountains #Clouds #WindowViews #Photograph #Design #Oregon

Ross Perot

Almost the whole world knows Ross Perot. Those in Dallas know him a little better, even those like me that have just had peripheral interactions with him or have been the beneficiary of his many generosities. For years before I met him the first time in front of the Hall of State where he was being honored, I read and heard much about him. I subsequently read Ken Follett’s book On Wings of Eagles about Ross Perot’s extraordinary civilian rescue mission of two employees (whom I later met) from a Middle-Eastern jail. I became good friends with early Ross Perot hires, have had top executives of his as real estate clients, met his family, been a guest at Ross Perot’s Strait Lane home, applauded his many civic and philanthropic contributions. While there are thousands upon thousands who have had a close and important relationship with Ross Perot, I knew him just from fleeting exchanges. Still were many things about Ross Perot that were immediately apparent. Ross Perot was intense, competitive, and aware. Almost as quickly one could sense his love of family, friends, and country. But what I will always remember most about Ross Perot is his politeness, sense of humor, and tender friendship with Margaret McDermott. For years he would always stop by on weekends to see Margaret McDermott at her country home on his way back from his lake house. He might chat with her when she was in the water swimming with guests, or sit down at a table where lunch had been served, or just pop his head in the door and say hello. Their friendship is well documented, but it was fun for me to see these two people with an international influence and who had so profoundly shaped Dallas have such a relaxed way with each other in a simple environment. This image is on a screen porch of a small country house architect Scott Lyons designed for Margaret and Eugene McDermott. Thank you, Ross Perot. My prayers go to your family and friends. *Ross Perot
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Colors of Portland

Green, gray and brown are the prevailing colors of Portland. One sees them in the natural landscape, the palette of many paintings donated to the Portland Art Museum, and at the Portland Golf Club. Here, the Chair of the Portland Golf Club Archive Committee drives by in a 35-year-old brown vintage Jaguar against the backdrop of this beautiful Orgeon golf course. Just the idea of a gorgeous golf course and a voted club membership invokes a vintage feel of exclusivity and environmental privilege. On the other hand, it is a shared privilege of using the land versus that of the Hollywood elite and business tycoons that buy thousands of acres in the Pacific Northwest and mountain states and promptly post “no trespassing” signs on land that has been accessed communally for years. I love the soft rains of Portland in which the many layered leaves of towering trees keep one dry, the endless green and muted earthtone palette, and while not a car person or golfer, the elegance of a vintage Jaguar and old school golf course. By the way, the last time I was really sunburned was ten years ago playing golf on this course. When the sun shines in Portland, it really shines. *Colors of Portland
#Portland #PortlandGolfClub #Jaguar #VintageJaguar #ColorsOfPortland #Design #Habitat #Oregon #Summer

Take off the sunglasses

The photographer at the African Film Festival told me, “You are not the director, producer, actor, you are a guest, take off the sunglasses.” I was clearly channeling producer/director Rob Allyn, because after all I was the guest of Sandra Washburn, the Executive Director and Producer of Pathbreakers, the award winner of the Best Short Documentary. Pathbreakers is a documentary about Oysters & Pearls, an organization working with sighted and nonsighted students in Uganda in a STEM-oriented program emphasizing robotics and video game design. As you can see sliding through the images, in response to the photographer, I tried putting the sunglasses on top of my head, but the photographer dismissively said, “Off with the shades.” The result is the third image, the portrait of a chastened me standing stoically on the red carpet. Congratulations to Sandra Washburn, Debi Lang, Director, @JacobSOdur, Tim Werner, Colorist, and many others that contributed to this important documentary. Wardrobe by: glasses—Barton Perreira; doublebreasted jacket—John Coggins, Savile Row; pocket square—Etro; trousers—Incotex; banana motif shoes—Stubbs and Wootton. *Take off the sunglasses
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When one discovers a carved stone bench set amidst lush foliage at the end of a stone path, one wonders what is the intention of this well placed destination. Maybe a retreat for quiet meditation? Maybe a place to hear the sounds of nature? Maybe a spot to be visually immersed in shades of green? Maybe a hidden site for reflection? Maybe a thinking man’s bench for contemplation? I tend to think of this as a place for creation—a poet’s bench—for the spoken word, the unspoken word, the written word, the unapologetic sacred word. *PoetsBench
#StoneBench #Bench #PoetsBench #Garden #Contemplation #Reflection #Sacred #Word #Poet #UnspokenWord #SpokenWord #Creation #Meditation #Green #Immersed #Discover #StonePath #Design #LandscapeDesign #Architecture #Site #Dallas #UrbanNeighborhood #DallasNeighborhood #JoySpotting

Exploring Dallas

During the summer it is fun to see the holiday posts of friends’ favorite places that they return to each year and exotic places people explore for the first time. This landscape reminds me of the rich history and texture found in the urban neighborhoods of Dallas where the architecture is classic, the trees are mature, and there is an unselfconscious sense of engagement. I love homes that have a bit of a holiday vibe to them. *Exploring Dallas
#Dallas #Summer #Trellis #Arbor #Vine #Landscape #Garden #dallasneighborhoods #landscapearchitecture

Arboretum Point Terrace to Winfrey Point

Arboretum Point descends towards the water of White Rock Lake. The home on Arboretum Point, land once owned by the Dallas Arboretum, is terraced towards the lake and also towards the meadows of Winfrey Point. The advantage of a home placed on a point is that you are not looking at other homes but looking into trees and a vast amount of park that follows the undulating shoreline of the lake. Rather than traffic, the air is filled with the sounds of songbirds ready to be counted by the Audubon Society. *Arboretum Point Terrace to Winfrey Point
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Poodle Power

Many think of poodles as prissy, dyed, fluffy cut, small, precious dogs presented almost as decoration. These three proud poodles seem more like French military or highly ranked French police on high alert escorting this larger dog who seems to totally defer and rely on their keen intelligence, strength, and athleticism to navigate the streets of New York. *Poodle Power
#Poodle #Dog #NewYork #Neighborhood #Manhattan #Style #Intelligence #HighAlert

Annie Leibovitz →Hermes

My last post puts NYC back on my mind, and how life in New York evolves, celebrities change, neighborhoods are reinvented or transformed, but history keeps colliding with the past. Photographer Annie Leibovitz is a legend and a talent. Here is her early studio in the meatpacking district where, among others, she photographed, entertained, and humored Mick Jagger and turned out iconic photographs. Now Hermes has taken the space. More than any other fashion or luxury company, Hermes seems the most suitable and natural in a former Annie Leibovitz studio. It fascinates me how Hermes, a family-owned business, can create and maintain not just the quality but the history and aesthetic of their offerings. While the brand itself has huge mass appeal, the artisanship, colors, design, and architecture of their work is truly admired as art. Artist Sheila Hicks talks about how materials feel in the hand. Annie Leibovitz talks about capturing the essence of person or time. Hermes captures a distinct feel, an emotion, and an aesthetic that goes beyond commercial intoxication and creates something almost aesthetically primordial. *Annie Leibovitz →Hermes
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This is the last day at the Carlyle for the much-loved bellman, Alfredo Tavarez. Most would agree the magic of the Carlyle is more than a beautiful historic building, splendid tradition, and the perfect location on the Upper East Side. The magic of the Carlyle Hotel in New York is the staff that has been at the hotel for decades. Here one finds staff that is professional, engaging, serious, and joyful. From the doorman’s first greeting to the bellman saying hello and helping you with your luggage, to Mabrouk, the Mayor of the Gallery, one feels like they have come home even if one is an infrequent guest. On my last trip to New York, I was told the bellman Alfredo Tavarez was retiring after 21 years. Discovering he was departing, I asked him if I could have a picture taken with him that I could post on his last day at the Carlyle. I wanted to pay a personal tribute to this quiet man with a sweet engaging smile who for 21 years was always making people happy and bringing joy to their lives. I would like to join so many others with a heartfelt thank you to Alfredo Tavarez and wish him much happiness in the future. *CarlyleDeparture
#AlfredoTavarez #Bellman #CarlyleBellman #CarlyleHotel @TheCarlyleHotel #TheCarlyle #UpperEastSide #HotelLobby #NewYork #Manhattan #HotelStaff #MagicOfCarlyle #Flowers #HistoricHotel #Design #Retirement

Cool Stone – Summer Breeze

Maybe it is the moss that begins to grow on garden stones or traces of water that collects on the uneven surfaces of stone that projects a cool journey through a garden. Dappled light and layers of plant life and trees indicate there are not any large structures close by to block the breeze or collect heat on rooftops or concrete driveways. A hot summer day almost feels refreshing in a garden along a cool stone path. *Cool Stone – Summer Breeze
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