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If you live in a neighborhood north of downtown, just follow the moon until you see the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Dallas and you will be at the entrance of the Dallas Art Fair. Galleries are taking the Dallas Art Fair more seriously, as are the art collectors. The work exhibited has a great range of price and relevance and is well curated and displayed. International artists are introduced or reintroduced to collectors. Interestingly, galleries from both coasts bring work of Dallas artists that they show in their galleries to share with the international audience that comes to the Dallas Art Fair. This Art Fair in Dallas is such a nice way to acquaint oneself with a great amount of art and artists in a short amount of time. The Dallas Art Fair also provides the opportunity to spend quality time with many of the top gallerists from across the country and around the world. The best news is the Dallas galleries hold their own! *Art Fair Begins
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