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Dallas Architectural Styles & Examples

Dallas architects, in the first half of the twentieth century, were influenced by a variety styles found across the country. Dallas architects were also influenced by European travels and studies and by prominent architects who came to Dallas from the East Coast, West Coast, and Midwest to design important homes for their Dallas clients.

Dallas Eclectic Architecture, Pre-1950

As Dallas continued its love affair with homes rooted in the European tradition, eclectic architecture became more varied and the results more diverse. The styles remained the same, the homes became bigger. 1910 Georgian homes were replaced by 1970 Georgian homes. 1920 Tudor homes were replaced by 1980 Tudor homes. 1930s Mediterranean homes were replaced 1990s Mediterranean homes. The proportions were forced to change. With a height limit of 39 feet, but an unrestricted width and length of a home, these classic styles often became stretched beyond any sense of authenticity. The details however, remained faithful replicas of their European origins.

Dallas Eclectic Architectural Styles

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