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Arboretum Point

This White Rock Lake site is a wonderful example of the point I made in my TEDx talk Homes That Make Us Happy, it is not how much land your home is on, but what you are next to or across from, a park, a lake, a meadow, a trail… This East Lawther lot is across from and next to all of the above. It is on 0.5 acres but it has a view very similar to the four-acre lot that I sold on the other side of the lake. This home site is on a point at White Rock Lake that was once owned by the Dallas Arborteum. The home with first and second floor porches wrapping around it is also embraced by Winfrey Point, a meadow, a trail, and a boat ramp at the edge of the lake. The friendly sounds of a baseball field further down the lake accentuate the atmosphere of a park setting. I love sites that are right in front of us but no one seems to notice. Locations come and go, but good sites are forever. *Arboretum Point
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