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My last post puts NYC back on my mind, and how life in New York evolves, celebrities change, neighborhoods are reinvented or transformed, but history keeps colliding with the past. Photographer Annie Leibovitz is a legend and a talent. Here is her early studio in the meatpacking district where, among others, she photographed, entertained, and humored Mick Jagger and turned out iconic photographs. Now Hermes has taken the space. More than any other fashion or luxury company, Hermes seems the most suitable and natural in a former Annie Leibovitz studio. It fascinates me how Hermes, a family-owned business, can create and maintain not just the quality but the history and aesthetic of their offerings. While the brand itself has huge mass appeal, the artisanship, colors, design, and architecture of their work is truly admired as art. Artist Sheila Hicks talks about how materials feel in the hand. Annie Leibovitz talks about capturing the essence of person or time. Hermes captures a distinct feel, an emotion, and an aesthetic that goes beyond commercial intoxication and creates something almost aesthetically primordial. *Annie Leibovitz →Hermes
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