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Photography, like other art, is about composition, context, point of view, and how it affects the viewer. Photography has another dimension—capturing a moment in time that can never be replicated. Whether it is a dramatic event that disappears completely, or a nuance of an orchestrated scene, the slightest variation changes the mood and alters the message. Allison V. Smith adds another dimension to this exhibit of Carol photography by Paul Black between 1968 and 1972 which she co-curated with 1814 Magazine. Allison Smith has an instinct to capture the precise emotion of the moment with the click of her camera. It might be a deep emotion surfacing or the changing nuance of a landscape. Capturing or provoking emotion is what Allison V. Smith does. This show exhibits moments that captivated Allison. These black and white photographs of modest and mundane scenes are sexy and compelling. They draw one in, provoke, and make one long for more. You will see what Diane Arbus saw in Paul Black early in his career when she selected his portrait as the best of show—purity and precision, perfect photographs, prescience of his later career processing photography at his Photographique lab in Dallas. His black and white photographs are as pure as the natural and honest approach of the era. His beautiful wife, Carol, and setting conveys a Pennsylvania simplicity that transforms into fashion, domesticity that transforms into glamour. Unadorned and unselfconscious, these photographs explore the intimacy of the home and the evolution and moods of Carol—an artist, a wife, a mother. You will enjoy seeing these photographs at the opening of the exhibition Carol on June 1 at the Barry Whistler Gallery. *Allison V. Smith Curation
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